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Meet the Team

Meet the 2019 P&C Executive Team...

Contact the Executive team via email -​

    Emily Webster

​Vice President - Uniform & Supplies Shop Oversight
Vice President - Event & Fundraising Oversight
    Dana Alderson
    ​Adriana Laruc'

2019 Non-Executive Roles....

Contact the following Coordinators and Administrators via email -​​

Grants Coordinator
    Dana Alderson
​Recycling Coordinator
    ​Julia Child
Communication Coordinator
    Jessica Evans
Website Administrator
    Jessica Evans
Facebook Administrator
    Ashlee Tenberge​​
Jigsaw OOSH Parent Representative
    ​Erika Geffroy

Meet the 2019 Uniform Sub-Committee Team...

Contact the Uniform Sub-Committee via email -​

​Vice President / Chairperson
Uniform Shop Coordinator
    ​Lynne Henry
Uniform Sub-Committee Secretary
    ​Bernie Ernst
Uniform Sub-Committee Treasurer
Uniform Sub-Committee General Members
    ​Deanne McConnell, Joanne Sutton, Shirley Stephenson, Emma Legaspi & Stephanie Ernst

Meet the 2019 Fundraising & Events Sub-Committee Team...

Contact the Fundraising & Events Sub-Committee via email -​

Vice President / Chairperson
Sponsorship & Donations Coordinator
Fundraising & Events Sub-Committee Secretary

​Tears & Cheers Morning Tea
    ​Julia Child, Priscilla Fragar & Jessica Kenny
Chipmunks Play Centre
    ​Deanne McConnell & Priscilla Fragar
Easter Event
End of Term 1 Sausage Sizzle
    ​ Adam Golder, Cameron Lewis & Bernie Ernst
​Mother's Day Stall 
    ​Emma Legaspi, Lyndy Dakota, Rebecca Golder
Trivia Night
    ​Kelly Cantrell, Natalie Chesson​
End of Term 2 Sausage Sizzle
​   vacant
​Open Day Morning Tea
Father's Day Stall Coordinator
End of Term 3 Sausage Sizzle
Combined P&C/School Fundraising Event
Kindergarten Transition Day Morning Tea
Christmas Event
  ​ vacant