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P&C Meetings

The Vardys Road Public School P&C meets on the Monday of Weeks 4 & 8 each term. We meet at 7:30pm in the School Library. ​The meetings are friendly and informal and everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!

The school Principal and executive staff members also attend.

For all Vardys Road Public School Parents and Citizens documents including membership forms, please click here.
There is an annual membership fee of $2 to be a voting member. The fee is not compulsory if you do not wish to vote on the agenda items.

Meeting dates for 2019:

Term 1
​​Week 4 - Monday 18th February AGM & General Meeting
Week 8 - Monday 18th March
​Term 2
Week 4 - Monday 20th May
​Week 8 - Monday 17th June
​Term 3
Week 4 - ​Monday 12th August
Week 8 - Monday 9th September
​Term 4

Week 4 - Monday 4th November
​Week 8 - Monday 2nd December

​A meeting agenda is usually circulated via email on the Friday before each meeting to members.
​The minutes of the meeting are emailed
to members after each meeting.

​​How can I get an item on the meeting agenda?
​Any member of the P&C can request an agenda item to be added to a meeting.
​Agenda items usually are one of three types:

1. an item seeking or providing information
2. a suggestion to do something that does not involve spending P&C money
3. a suggestion to do something that does involve spending P&C money

A P&C member who would like to request an agenda item should contact the P&C President or Secretary via no later than seven (7) days before the next scheduled meeting, so that the item can be listed. It is expected that the person requesting the item will normally attend the meeting to speak to that item.

​How can I make a suggestion to the P&C?

A suggestion to do something (whether involving spending money or not) should be submitted in writing to the P&C President or Secretary.
​Having an initial discussion with an Executive member is likely to be helpful. A proposal is usually not a lengthy document (it may be less than 1 page). 
​For more information about preparing a proposal click here.

Can I just come and watch a meeting?
Yes. You are welcome to come and observe any meeting. There is no pressure to speak, but also lots of opportunity if you want to!​