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Roles & Responsibilities

Volunteering to be on the Executive committee, a Coordinator or a member of a Sub-Committee is a highly rewarding role with maximum contribution to your child’s school. We are forever thankful to those who put their hand up for these important positions.

Below provides a summary of the VRPS P&C’s Executive and Non-Executive leadership positions including responsibilities and estimated time commitments. These positions are elected at the P&C’s Annual General Meeting (in February) each year. These descriptions are intended as a guide only. Each role may vary depending on the individual that fulfils the position and the requirements of the committee at the time.

Other temporary roles may be appointed from time to time, at the discretion of the P&C Executive Committee, to lead specific initiatives. The responsibilities of those roles will be specified at that time.

For detailed description for each role below please click here

Executive Roles

​Vice-President – Uniform & Supplies Shop Oversight       
​Vice-President – Fundraising & Event Oversight       

Non-Executive Roles

Uniform & Supplies Sub-Committee
​​​Uniform & Supplies Shop Coordinator
Uniform & Supplies Shop Sub-Committee Secretary
Uniform & Supplies Shop Sub-Committee Treasurer

Fundraising & Events Sub-Committee
​​Fundraising & Events Sub-Committee Secretary
Sponsorship & Donations Coordinator
Event Coordinators

​Other Roles within the Vardys Road P&C Association
​Grants Coordinator
Communications Coordinator
Recycling Coordinator
Website Administrator
Jigsaw OOSH Parent Representative


The success of the P&C would not be possible without the help of many volunteers. You can get involved as much or as little as you like, from fundraising to carrying out a one‐off simple task throughout the year which may only take 15 minutes - and doesn't always need to be carried out during the school day. Either way it is a HUGE help to the P&C and ultimately your child. Simply add your contact details to the P&C Volunteers list by sending us an email to with your details. You can indicate which event(s) you would like to help with or just put your name down as a general helper to be asked. We will always confirm your interest & availability before you are allocated for a particular task. You may or may not be called, but by simply providing your name, you can feel good about supporting your P&C.

All volunteers will need to complete a Working with Children Declaration form which is available online or through the school office. Volunteers will need to return the completed form to the school together with 100 points of identification.

Parents with a WWCC number are asked to supply the number to the front office to negate the need for the above requirements.
For more information regarding the VRPS P&C Association Working with Children Check Procedure, click here

​The Role of the Principal in the P&C Associations​