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The Parents & Citizens Association (P&C) works collaboratively with the school administration, representing the parent and community voice. We also play a role in providing additional funding to purchase resources to enhance the learning experience for students at Vardys Road. This is achieved by:

  • partnering with the school in procedure development and decision making where appropriate;
  • providing opportunities for strengthening and engaging the school community;
  • advocating within the school and the broader community;
  • providing a forum for parent input, participation and feedback;
  • delivering successful fundraising and event programs;
  • targeting funds towards the purchase of facilities and equipment for the school;
  • delivering a profitable and affordable uniform service that is responsive to parent needs.

Membership of the Vardys Road P&C Association is open to all parents and guardians of students attending the school and to all citizens. Vardys Road P&C Association is always keen to welcome new members and particularly members who access or have an interest in the services provided by the P&C Association, such as our Uniform Shop.

The P&C meet on the Monday of weeks 4 and 8 each term. The purpose of these meetings are to:

  • Provide an update on the P&C's current projects and fundraisers, financial status and uniform shop,
  • Gather an update from the Principal,
  • Provide a forum for all parties to work together to organise school-wide events e.g. School Movie Night, and
  • Discuss any school wide issues.

We always welcome new members of our school community, so come along, listen and have your say.
​Please note that a $2 annual membership fee applies to all voting members.
Further details about P&C meetings, including dates of our meetings are found here